Is a problem; scissors pressed reason … Nu~eman are 39 happening; REM 39

is a problem with;

scissors pressed reason … Nu~eman waking 39; Rem 39?

./ photo = Chosun Ilbo DB women are suffering from the symptoms of sleep paralysis

It has increased interest in the reason the pressed scissors. Ne-chu, there are people who experience that you do not listen to say suddenly body. Well it is a symptom of sleep paralysis to say to be null gone with scissors. This is usually consciousness awoke, or turning his head sideways, it is impossible to lift the limbs, can not be said that it is not the mouth is not open, is displayed as the voice is not output.

These sleep paralysis, often there may be accompanied by auditory hallucinations and hallucinations. Sound and feel that there is a presence like a ghost in the room or out heard smell. Furthermore, if they crashed down, some people who believe the body has emerged.

Sleep paralysis is not is due to the particular disease. Consciousness there is not recovery muscle tension is relaxed during sleep the sleep, it will not move the body. Reason pressed scissors is not known for sure, when the condition to be displayed when the REM woke up from sleep, it is assumed to be temporarily displayed.

In the REM stage, I would like see a lot of dreams than usual. At this time, the body of the muscle becomes powerless Jer-free Ginn Jean Jun appears. When looking at the violence and aggressive dream, it is that the muscle is trying to prevent that hurt your body to maintain a paralyzed state. However, while even for some time after this process that broke the sleep if not natural, appeared symptoms that do not move a muscle, become reason pressed to scissors.

Paralyzed also from healthy individuals, because a phenomenon occurs, it can not be said to be abnormal to be frequently experienced paralyzed. However, sleep paralysis is weekly sleep too much disease, (suddenly that the force is passing into the muscle) cataplexy, if with such repetitive headache, it is necessary to see in response to the medical care of the hospital.

Paralyzed can reduce the frequency of maintaining good healthy sleep habits. To maintain a regular sleep time, it is better to avoid factors such as alcohol that interfere with sleep. Moreover, it is a method that also can avoid sleep paralysis to govern mental disorders and stress, such as depression.

it may be a method of preventing the paralyzed also not seen to movies cruel picture emerges. When the time to have experienced sleep paralysis is very tired (41.5), the date on which it was stressed (34.0), when sleep is insufficient (31.1), well in the order of when they witnessed the horror movies and scary scenes (16.0) It is also research result that was found.

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Serutorion pharmaceutical, home of the headquarters address Sojonjin Chairman sake to the

Serutorion pharmaceutical, home of the headquarters address Sojonjin Chairman

sake and

a, previous news 1 copy; News1

(Seoul = News 1) Iyounson press = cell Trion Serutorion pharmaceutical that is in charge of the pharmaceutical group (President Gimumanfun) is May 6 that come the head office address, Seoul Gangnam Station Sambora of North Chungcheong Province Cheongju Ochan’upu (2 industry It transferred to the 82) in the housing complex.

Serutorion head office by pharmaceutical was in the existing station Sambora to headquarters relocation through the 28th public announcement, we made it clear that it will be migrated to the future of the point.

Leave March 10, Serutorion pharmaceutical that was completed generic, the 梧倉 factory for overseas export, through the current head office relocation, is a plan to give the operating synergy of full-scale production line.

In addition, with the head office relocation, and it is expected to also help the regional economic development through the local income tax. Especially sake is a hometown of cell trione Soviet John Gin chairman, Soviet President usually revealed a belief for the contribution contribution to the local community.


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Judit dental, open Takashi festival in the 8th Koto Geriatric General Welfare Hall

Judit dental, open Takashi festival in the 8th Koto Geriatric General Welfare Hall

[OSEN = Ganfuisu reporter] Judit dental is the 8th, we celebrated Mother’s Day Koto Geriatric General Welfare Hall at (director Sonseyoun) happy travel, Koto Takashi Festival was held the event.

In this event, the elderly, Judit dental Takanori point medical staff more than 300 people have participated and supported. Health booths and experience booth provided in the outdoors, in the snack booth, blood glucose level inspection of the oral screening and diabetes, hand massage and scab King tournament and coffee barista experience, such as a variety of programs, were prepared respectively.

Judit dental Takanori point representative director who participated in the event conveyed the impression as a want power Sushimyon fun to health management of oral people of the elderly through this event.

This event, as part of the Judit dental Judit care campaign Silver Smile business, is the Judit dental social contribution project to support the health promotion of the teeth of the elderly to commemorate the Pasuhyochin thought celebrated the home of the month .

lt photos gt; Judit dental provision.

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Daegu Gyeongbuk nighttime medical care hospitals and 365 a day, seven days a week pharmacy

Daegu nighttime medical care hospitals and 365 a day, seven days a week pharmacy ◇ night care hospital

University Hospital

Daegu Catholic University Hospital = 6503000

Kyungpook National University Hospital = 2005114

Keimyung University Higashiyama hospital = 2507114

Lingnan University Hospital = 6238001

General Hospital

Fatima hospital = 9407114

Daegu Medical Center = 5607575

Guaiacolsulfonate click Byun won = 2522401

Chilgok Catholic hospital = 3202500

Old hospital = 5609114

Kei-san Central Hospital (formerly ordinary hospital) = 7,150,119.0129

Quanzhou Sonsamu hospital = 7900555


Daegu City hospital = 9597114

Japanese-English Unison Children’s Hospital = 2607777

Aqueous Metro hospital = 7437777

Talaba click Byun won (formerly. Baku Hyun surgical hospital) = 9,570,075

Bible hospital = 5846655

West Daegu hospital = 5585800

365 orthopedic hospital = 7200365

MS rehabilitation hospital = 6530119

Soon this hospital = 7218575

Three hospitals (METI 8,198,500) = 4.701 million

care hospital

Race Municipal old man specialized care hospital = 0547436200

Yonsei University Oriental Hospital = 0545319988

Shin’nyon elderly care hospital = 0543317575

Yonsei recuperation hospital = 0545365588

◇ late-night pharmacies and 365 a day, seven days a week pharmacy

midnight pharmacy (22:00 to 6:00)

Suseong District golden 2-dong 7573 Daegu pharmacist hall annex first floor = 7683679

365 a day, seven days a week pharmacy

The pharmacy for Medium-ku] = 2548164

[Eastern] true love pharmacy = 9856622

[Western Europe] Yuan pharmacy = 5521686

[Nam-gu] Daming Garden pharmacy = 6548275

[Nordic] Katabu pharmacy = 3589696

[Dalseo] cine pharmacy = 6325745

[Nordic] Souruon’nuri pharmacy = 3133325

[Dalseo] Yonsandon pharmacy = 5217959

[Dalseong County] central pharmacy = 6150007

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St. Real Fitness, typhoon entertainment and MOU

of St. Real Fitness, typhoon entertainment and MOU

I came to St. Real Fitness typhoon entertainment and hands to lead the high-quality wellness life.

St. Real Fitness entered into a business agreement for capacity building for the development of the body line program to become a typhoon entertainment and models, training and star actor’s star performer, such as an actor.

To this day agreement expression, representative of St. Real Whitney Hansan’yopu, typhoon entertainment representative midwinter, typhoon entertainment actor Judayoun, St. Real obligation Byun Hui director, a major stakeholders, such as St. Real strategic public relations chief winding Gukusopu participated It was done in the middle.

Model, depending on the conclusion this agreement, in order to train the star performer, such as an actor, both agencies of information exchange and typhoon entertainment affiliation of star K line body training class that St. real and Miss Korea Organizing Committee was jointly developed by The by proceeding through the advanced training system began to be systematically specialization can be trained.

K line body training is a program that will make an actor, announcer, the appropriate type to hold the balance collapsed in muscle strength and flexibility and core training in accordance with the characteristics of work and personal, such as a model.

On the other hand, the typhoon entertainment drama: including Judayoun that was enthusiastically in the inspiring era birth of Toshin Sogon’o, Handaun, Ibom, Namugyon’upu actors belongs. St. Real Fitness is planning to actively cooperate for body training of typhoon entertainment star.

On the other hand, St. realistic March, for those who suffer from diet celebrated the spring, events that provide suit musical of 50 Lecoq yoga along with the discount in the lottery of tobacco shop daughter, a ticket for the theater Common Tasks the is in progress.

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The more 30s presbyopia patients increases the use of surge … smartphone, it happens presbyopia we


30s presbyopia patients increase the use of surge … smartphone, presbyopia well I happen? ./ photo = Chosun Ilbo DB30 presbyopia patient surge of news that one man is touching the smartphone has been reported. Presbyopia is like more than refraction accommodation power of the lens is generated decreases, mainly occur after the 40-year-old. However, recently, use of electronic devices such as smart phones and personal computers increases, the patient’s young presbyopia is increasing rapidly. The weather becomes many outdoor activities warmed up, even the time has become more exposed to ultraviolet light, it corresponds to the cause of the patient surge of presbyopia 30s.

The presbyopia of initial object of distant looks it is not a big problem, but the object in the vicinity, since faintly visible, it is difficult to see clearly the object. Especially been surging serious fatigue in the eyes, it is try suspected presbyopia If you feel discomfort when viewed smart phones and newspaper, book, and the like. Presbyopia is not only blurred vision associated to refractive error may be accompanied by various eye diseases.

Macular degeneration glaucoma is a typical diseases which can be displayed in the presbyopia. In disease macular degeneration of the optic nerve is gradually degeneration macula in the center of dense retina, the object seen in the center of the field of view is blurred is characterized by visible been distorted and Pitsuru. Glaucoma is optic nerve damage, visual field gradually narrowed, or is a disease ultimately lose sight.

As presbyopia patient surge of news in their 30s is transmitted, as long as it is adults over 30 years old, about once a year, good to check the eye disease in advance through regular eye exams. Macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, if alone, but cause damage serious eye, it is possible to prevent that if early detection, vision is reduced. Old man of eye diseases, is not difficult treatment if detected early at a regular eye exam.

Normally it is possible to delay the time of steady eye aging for managing eye health. It should be avoided that the eye is exposed directly to UV rays by live of the wear sunglasses in order to maintain healthy eye. You can also look at the TV in a dark room environment, it is preferable to reduce the task of dealing with the smartphone. When the eye in a dark place is exposed to light of the screen is active oxygen is making a lot of amount of active oxygen than normal, because results in presbyopia by destroying the eyes of normal cells.

There is also a good food to presbyopia of prevention. Is an anti-oxidant vitamins and lutein, also be ingesting the nutrients, such as omega-3, it corresponds to one of the spring presbyopia method. These nutrients can be taken through green vegetables (spinach, broccoli, etc.), fish, nuts, and health supplements. After usually wrote the first hour, habits View 5-10 minutes far away is also effective to delay the eyes of aging.

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Up to the British Queen Elizabeth from TakeRetsu-o pheasant cult

html Mo-banbu Retsu-o to England Queen Elizabeth from pheasant cult nature warm and digestive tract reinforcement, children roundworm Delete … high-protein, low-fat, diet food recommendation

Saying chickens instead of pheasant, when there is no they want, and if you have to place the same thing, are used to do this. It has been mainly used to Ku~ongo based on when you cook the Chosun Dynasty Zoni, while taking the chicken if you can not receive the material, such words were born.

Pheasant of the protagonist new RaFutoshi Munetake Retsu-o of Three Kingdoms unified table, of course, it is a delicacy that did not correspond to Shokuzen of the most longevity of Yeongjo in successive Chosun Dynasty Imugun. It is considered as a luxury food meat taken by hunting such as pheasant and deer also in the West. Hunting can be enjoyed only kings and nobles. Commoner law to prevent the hunt was enacted.

Park Geun President UK was state visit in 2013 has become a hot topic out to Ku~ongo based on the main course at dinner that Queen Elizabeth II has been invited. 2004, Roh 鉉前 President the first cooking supper course of the Queen even when visiting the United Kingdom was Kijisupu. The queen is decorated Ku~ongo group was hunting, to carefully a guest I’m a meaning trying certain.

Pheasant in the country was ear than chicken for a long time. Pheasant If you do not have both Han was difficult to see the taste. Pheasant on the property, if you do not have to hunt and flew back and forth, storage is difficult. In addition, nature is steep sensitive. It has a strong wild, and die with his head on the wire mesh surface suddenly trapped in a wire mesh. Recently, an article has been used in cooking to grow by creating a breeding ground to pedestrian traffic of hills and fields. If it was you leave people alone a lot of the amount in the space, they are housed separately in 20 to 30 animals to fight each other. Galliformes immersing the rough nature is covered with eye patch. Very strong in the disease. It does not apply to the article even if the epidemic nationally avian influenza.

The male Janke, female Katsuri, the child referred to by Kobyon’i. Once by the time the taste of Janke and Katsuri was a little different, it is mainly similar view is to eat a diet nourish. Chicken Given even convergence in the corner of the house in the garden compared to this, was marks grew up without a big worry.

Taste only scarcity also there is a big difference. Ku~ongo group can take from August to February of the following year, it was recognized as the best quality. In addition the energy between Ku~ongo groups to Donguibogam, it is written and brighten the eye. To rally Monographs, the peel off the paper in half about Ikuu and baked wrapped gap without meat moistened with water to clean white paper, are marked details and oiled body.

Considering that cult pheasants is written in several publications, it is possible to glimpse the pheasant meat love people Joseon. Once there are many wild pheasant, it was also diverse cuisine using the same. Clear soup and has been used to Oryone, and was used in the material even when you put the kimchi. In addition dumplings, baked, steamed, cooking methods, such as make ointment, gun and was developed. Winter Ku~ongo based firm put debt pheasant dumplings is now, I as there is food bell shabu-shabu and boiled with meat is thinly sliced ​​waving to boiling emirate in the Japanese style. Inside of pheasant breast meat, meat quality eat even raw beef in the most soft site.

In the North, if you are not using the device Ku~ongo the food utilizing a soup, is evaluated is not a firm foods. Tradition in Pyongyang cold noodle soup, is a joseki that Ku~ongo based on high silver. Ku~ongo group put the dumplings, Fanjini of personality has been known that eating favorite. If you place Ku~ongo group took the soup, meat is peculiar taste is halved Te Jirugyo. Unlike other meat, and they are also eating biting to the bone. Taste also has a taste of blood efficacy.

North Chungcheong Province Chungju leading to the Mecca of Korea pheasant cuisine. The water depreciation 堡 peripheral is the first natural hot springs in Japan are lined up pheasant shop. King returned to the Ku~ongo machine eat Hanyang if this recuperation hot spring trip to this place from a long time ago. In the past, it has been using the hunting has been pheasant, you are breeding the pheasant here and there through the farm income increase business in the region since the 1970s. About 10 000 animals per year are consumed in the pheasant dishes in the field.

Pheasant meat Unlike other meat, fiber is thin and soft, high protein is not fat, is recommended diet with low-fat food. Taste a little sour. Protein 24.4g per 100g, fat 4.8g, ash 1.1g, calcium 14㎎, in 263㎎, are contained iron 0.4g. Meat calories redness it is similar to chicken peeled to 113㎉ per 100g. Compared to pork is a third of the levels.

Nature is warm, it is good to put a stop diarrhea and helped the aura is to reinforce the digestive organs. Urine Binsaku and the vision decline due to diabetes, to treat cough, a skin disease. It is also effective in the removal of children roundworm. Brain fabric is used as Zogaiyo agent. Essential amino acids and contains evenly, also have efficacy inhibiting the absorption of cholesterol. In us to strengthen the stomach will help to remove the boiling stop the diarrhea dysentery. Near the cold nature, when ingested Yo it will replenish the great efforts the chilled type fibrin of pheasant, chemistry fit.

Eat Ku~ongo groups in the pregnancy when there is a record of skin disease occurs. In Donguibogam pheasant’s a valuable food, but there is a weak poison, frequently do not eat, it is written. Heat to the body in the past of medicine that has not been recommended for many people, it is classified into food of noise.

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Calf Botox and at the same time the effects of the calf regression surgery

calf Botox and calf regression surgery at the same time full bloom was also fallen recording flower effects are also people of clothes become even lighter, depending on the rich become weather. However, women are beginning to see a figure in the lightly made attire, just a heavy heart.

Demand of increase calf plastic surgery, Botox calf and calf regression surgery

Backed by body care boom, many people are considering a calf plastic surgery. Site to be most exposed in the body, because is immediately bridge to the next face.

Foot is a site where you use every day, the more muscle is many women to have a line of legs you want, is not easy as the mind. Although many cases motion is to pull out the calf al in, it is not easy to remove once the position calf muscles. While further increasing the lower body momentum muscle becomes larger, there is rather that the legs form deteriorates.

It can be mentioned calf Botox and calf regression surgery in a typical calf molding.

Time for calves Botox treatment is not only a relatively short, even after treatment, is characterized in that hindrance is small scars hardly remains in walking. However, the period during which the effect is maintained to have a limit that can not be reduced sufficiently calf surrounding the person is shorter than the reduced surgery and retreat in about 6 months.

On the other hand, calf regression surgery can reduce a thick calf muscles semi-permanently, but those before and after the change is clear. However cost belongs to a relatively expensive if you have received surgery at the hospital dealing professionally foot molding.

This Recently, calf regression surgery such CoCo3D magic slim we can expect a safety improvement lasting effect of treatment is being actively conducted.

CoCo3D Magic Slim is, in nerve tissue by applying an electric shock, and to release the calf muscles, in the treatment of which finish in Botox, normal treatment time-consuming about 10 minutes. Yet only simple treatment calf Botox, is immediately effect the display, it is preferred in terms of its effect is maintained for a long time.

Moreover, since the treatment using the partial anesthesia is done, it is possible to after treatment, rapid daily life. Pain is less in the treatment process, are looking for many office workers to scar also not remain almost.

Immediately after lower body molding emphasis is a medical institution piece Myeongdong Gimuunsan director is CoCo 3D Magic Slim treatment also, specially or time it is difficult for there is no hindrance in daily life treatment, those who need rapid recovery It has been described as to being suitable.

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ADHD Once if you give even smartphone, quiet child … Possibly

Given even

smartphone, quiet child … Did you mean ADHD? . Mr. housewife Park certain (35), each time the son of five-year-old Bocheru, Toboto remove the smartphone as of habit, such as Kokomon, children shows the enthusiasm (?) Animation. Son, let oneself down at the spirit and began to look at the smartphone once. Mr. Park, son we did not want to give a damage around is quiet, but do not go down well in the smartphone, and are concerned that you are even show continued.

A figure which smartphone to children who are with their parents are listening browsing is not difficult. Not only of those smart phones to be placed in sit quietly the children, especially in public places. Smartphone addiction is not intended to be applied only in children before silk school. To elementary and junior high school students is a serious level.

However, in the case of a long period of time exposed the children to youth smartphone, 8216; attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder 8217; may lead to (ADHD and Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder), care of the parent is required.

attention deficit, growing smartphone addiction fatal = 12, according to the national health insurance, clinic personnel is the most common age group in five years ADHD of 2009 to 2013 was equal to or less than 10 generations. 2013 of the total of the patients in years, following the patient’s teens accounted for 94.6 in 54,986 people.

ADHD can not concentrate, with mental illness that often see the impetuous figure is easy to give up, recently, it is a disease that is rapidly increased during the domestic children youth. Direct cause of ADHD is lowered the brain frontal lobe function, is known to be an imbalance of neurotransmitters.

JoHiroshisuzu professor of department of next Medical University Gangnam Cha Hospital mental health, ldquo; modern women smoking, drinking increases, there is a fact that smoking during pregnancy, drinking increases, environmental problems such as exposure of air pollution, hazardous substances It explained that; such as an increase or an increase in intake of food additives and rdquo that is estimated has been associated with an increase in ADHD patients.

In recent years, research results that excessive use of smart phones to induce such similar autism and ADHD are out.

Brain researcher Manfred Gerhard feature Dr. German book 8216; digital dementia (digital dementia) 8217; a, like autism for excessive use of digital devices, including smart phones, the Internet and smart phones addiction, ADHD, it was announced that it will induce, such as language development disorders.

Especially ADHD is unchanged significantly time to time and smartphones to increase social had spread rapidly, there is a need to pay attention to point out that there is considerable common ground also on the condition of the symptoms and ADHD that smartphone addiction is visible .

As of concentrated study to be like and what you often see the impetuous figure, that if it is not a long time to concentrate’s an example of which, such as that show so there is no figure.

Pear Ohki sinus hospital Gimuuijon mental health medical professor, in order to prevent ADHD due to the exposure of the smartphone, and stressed the importance of family relationships. Kim Professor ldquo; and when the parent is not carefully observed teaching the children, the higher the feeling that children receive the condemnation and rejection of the parent, the risk of falling into smartphone addiction is high rdquo; and ldquo; Children It said; parent and child relationship age is positive about young is rdquo is likely to prevent the smartphone addiction.

activation food of brain hellip; fish, vegetables, fruits, etc. = smartphone addiction degrading the function of the prefrontal, which is responsible for attention concentration and suppressed in also affects the frontal lobe functions of the brain. To improve the attention deficit with this, it is necessary to activate the brain activity.

This attention to defect to treat, although if have to get the help of basic hospital, on the other hand seem to need as a parent efforts to improve the function of the frontal lobe through the food.

Healthy food is blue fish brain, nuts, green vegetables, fresh fruits, tuna, mackerel, white fish, sardines, meat, and the like. Food should avoid bacon, butter, cheese, corn oil, donut, is French fries, margarine, mayonnaise, fresh cream, and various instant processed foods.

Especially in the fish omega-3 fatty acids are rich. DHA is a type of omega-3 fatty acids in the major substance that forms the synapses in the brain, actually I make up a substantial portion of the cerebral cortex. Fat plays an important role in order to enable to form a membrane of brain cells, the vertical features. DHA is greater in the retina to detect light in the eye.

Active oxygen, cells but says small molecules that occur while changing the oxygen into energy, and active oxygen is generated successfully, it is useful to health by removing harmful toxins. Brain to develop, to get a variety of antioxidants to protect, it is important that vitamin C, such as the E intake rich variety of fruits and vegetables.

The food that contains a lot of vitamin C, the fruit of a hundred years grass, tomatoes, fruit (citrus, kiwi, etc.), melon, raw cabbage, green vegetables, broccoli, etc., vitamin E, curvature, nuts, milk, egg yolk, wheat germ, vegetable oils, such as green vegetables and the like as a food recommended.

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where you put the aircraft motor dryer, performance whopping

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Kichan prescription prevention movement method public of yellow sand and fine dust

Kichan prescription

prevention movement method public of yellow sand and fine dust

Today (7 days) to health care information channel health media tv of Kichan prescription 100-year-old food to be broadcast, this spring, multilateral illuminate the causes of yellow sand and fine dust that trembling nationwide to fear prophylaxis to.

In the broadcasting of this day, MC Ifun, Jessica and Gu~on’yon’un, the results of panel health diagnosis of lung, such as Mun’younmi was published, I was chosen to Ifun the most healthy lung of performers.

Ifun chosen to health king of the lung inside story that could not hide the joy of being shot with a clear description of the impressions and seems vote was to steady the defendant usually exercise Do not smoke. Ifun this day, to introduce an enhanced breathing and exercise pulmonary function along with the yoga instructor Jessica.

In addition, in the broadcasting of this day, MC Ifun and Jessica, checked the actual influence and precise handling method depending on the yellow sand and suspended particulate matter index along with the experts in each field. In particular, the list of prevention Top Secret 5 ‘of the fine dust that will tell experts 5 people in each field is scheduled to be published.

In addition, the discharge of heavy metals in the fine dust that Bakuhyosun Cooking expert has been accumulated in the body to contribute to the health of respiratory, to introduce prescription recipe that will be detoxification.

Prescription recipe exercise method that prevent dust and fine dust, of course, incorporating the specialist of secret tips Kichan prescription 100-year-old food is, today (7 days) be seen in 23:00 health medical information channel health media tv it can.

Image area of the body

On the other hand, Kichan prescription! 100-year-old food is, to introduce health and medical information, which is the most recent update, the program that provides up to custom meal for it. Nice buddy actor Ifun and beautiful yoga instructor Jessica has been working as a health evangelist is adjust the breathing in the MC. Every Thursday of 23:00, this broadcast is performed.

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