Introduction of the management model for the global new drug advance

KDDF, what is the management model for the introduction global new drug foray management model for the global new drug advance.

21 ministries new drug development Agency (KDDF) ​​will come 23, 24, it’s scheduled to be announced on KDDF management model for the global new drug advance in the Pharmaceutical Society Spring academic competitions are held in Chungbuk five pine clear I was in.

In this session, which is performed on the 24th, government-led new drug development support and authorization institution KDDF, wrong shipment tip Medical Industry Foundation new drug development support center, Daegu Gyeongbuk Advanced Medical Industry Promotion Foundation new drug development support center, anti-cancer drug development business Dan and the Food and Drug treatment participation to each institutional characteristics, new drug development support system, process, and to introduce the program, in order to maximize the efficiency of new drug development, and how to take advantage of each institution It provides guidance.

Especially KDDF Gimuteoku headquarters length, by applying advanced scientific techniques for all stages of drug development, investment strategy management of portfolio optimization, before government agencies which embarked on strengthening of project management capabilities for drug development and licensing introduces the business model of the cycle new drug development, it is planned to announce the future of development policy.

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Getting IBH Incheon white hospital, the newly built extension first anniversary of the celebrated vi

IBH Incheon white hospital, new construction Extension 1 anniversary celebrated the acquisition IBH Incheon white hospital vision proclaimed expression, today (1 day) at 7:50 hospital large conference rooms IBH Incheon white hospital new construction expansion transfer 1 Anniversary to have was the IBH vision proclaimed.

The ceremony, participated 200 employees, an excellent employee awards and Lifetime Achievement Award, a retired letter of thanks presentation ceremony was conducted. In IBH vision proclaimed formula, was foreign proclaimed a change to General Hospital to be the innovative wonderful light.

IBH Incheon white hospital was designated as the new slogan of IBH Incheon white hospital called Innovative Brilliant Hospital to break through on the newly built extension transfer 1 anniversary, we promised to provide better medical services.

IBH Incheon white hospital hundred wins No. hospital length in commemoration prefix, it is assumed we believe that our hospital, which celebrated its newly-built extension first anniversary is correctly, such as through more community service, to be together with the local community It was revealed to be the General Hospital.

On the other hand, IBH Incheon white hospital is a general hospital which is located in Higashi-ku Incheon, was opened in 2000, first floor underground in April last year, was stretching extension relocated to the 10th floor above ground.

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Holt Children’s Services donation of rotavirus vaccine to … 200 guests, 50 million won worth

GSK, Holt Children’s Services donation of rotavirus vaccine to … 200 guests, 50 million won worth

Image area of ​​the body

Multinational pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline (following GSK) is, in Holt Children’s Services with Mr. July 3 broadcast Ifije, it revealed to have donated the infant rotavirus enteritis vaccine Rota helix 200 persons.

GSK is, progress recently rotavirus enteritis vaccine rotavirus helix is ​​to commemorate that it has been 1 200 million doses sold in the whole world is invited Mr. broadcasting Ifije with the severity of rotavirus enteritis the event to inform the importance of its prevention It was.

As part of this event, GSK and Ifize Mr. can be 200 babies together attracting means that trying to protect more babies from rotavirus enteritis is inoculated Rotarikkusu the (market value 50 million won worth) We have donated to Holt Children’s Services.

Ifije said is looking at the illness twins in children enteritis, this was supposed to participate in the event and was rotavirus enteritis, in spite of the disease can be prevented with a vaccine, do not fit a vaccine for cost point baby often is revealed to be was supposed to be together and meaning GSK hurt the breast as a father of the fetus.

Rotavirus enteritis is the most common factors that cause globally severe diarrhea in children, it is a major factor to be killed in diarrhea disease of 5 years or less of children.

World Health Organization (WHO) for the recommends vaccination in an effective way can prevent diarrheal disease caused by rotavirus enteritis. However, in Japan, rotavirus vaccine is categorized into the selected vaccination, because it is not subject to national cost assistance, in the case of a baby who has been living in a child protection facility, there is a point inoculation is difficult in terms of cost.

Holt Children’s Services Gimudeyoru chairman, the meaning of the This Rotarikkusu donation Holt Children’s Services it has become possible to be protected from the danger of 200 people rotavirus enteritis baby you are protected by the as more companies more of a place privilege is required to match the force, was quoted as want to think, received the hands of this kind of support.

GSK Kimujino representative is a global vaccine company GSK is, so far has been steadily effort to protect the whole world of infants from infection and, deep meaning to commemorate the Rotarikkusu 200 million dose sale event It was said to be happy is supposed to be.

Meanwhile, the oral rotavirus vaccine Rota helix of GSK, using pure human strains, a live attenuated vaccine made to mimic the effects of natural infection. Rotarikkusu provides a large-scale preventive effect of serotype of the five rotavirus prevalent, twice vaccination severe rotavirus enteritis incidence is starting age 3 months 6 high previously only vaccination quickly and it can be completed.

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SGLT2 inhibitor-based diabetes drug dehydration attention

SGLT2 inhibitor-based diabetes medicine 039; dehydration 039; For care Food and Drug treatment sodium glucose co-transporter 2 (SGLT2) inhibitor systems diabetes drug and urged the dehydration attention.

The 15th Shoku-yaku destination, for the treatment of diabetes drugs, SGLT2 inhibitor, Japan Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency (PMDA) is a causal relationship has not been confirmed in conjunction with the dehydration, two fatal accidents by generating, by instructing the pharmaceutical company that is instructed change some of permit matters, such as the experts of the domestic pharmaceutical, announced that it was distributing safety letter.

PMDA was as described dehydration-related notes in detail in Careful Administration and big side effects section. Occurrence cases such as embolism have been reported; Careful Administration very difficult patient adjustment of the blood sugar value in the section, thrombus 183, including the brain infarction in the big side effects section, which was made to add such as diuretics combination patient It was made to add the contents of.

As a result, the Shoku-yaku destination, in the case of a patient, the elderly, patients with difficult regulation of blood sugar levels, patients with diuretics combination was recommended to consult in advance to the responsible physician or pharmacist about the ingredients of the medicine.

SGLT2 inhibitors that have been sold in Japan, △ (was multi-Power Glove reflow) luxury home △ Inbokana information (as in Kanagurifu) △ Zhu is (was Lee flag Ruri flow) guru Leto John △ been Ja Dian John (Emupagurifu was) such as four products (prescription drugs) are allowed. The domestic approvals of these drugs, abnormal reaction and the general principle section such as dehydration-related or more of cases, are included, such as notes.

Shoku-yaku destination for the items that are allowed in the country, domestic 183; continuously, such as to conduct monitoring on the current state or the like of other trends and side effects, is expected to take safety measures.

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The application of medical insurance to non smoking treatment from February 25

Illness from the application next month the 25th of medical insurance to non smoking treatment from February 25 183; with the support of the highest 218,400 won of health insurance among the members can be a non smoking treatment.

The 27th, Ministry of Health and Welfare revealed that it plans to support from health insurance for non smoking treatment from February 25 immediately after the holidays of 2015 Lunar New Year. Consultation fee in the form of health insurance Corporation project cost, non smoking aids, will be promoted to cost some support, such as pharmaceuticals.

Non smoking participants, bottle 183 who participated in the non smoking treatment program; If you are registered with visits to legislators, will receive support. Consultation within 12 weeks of the period six times, is supported to a certain portion of the cost of non smoking therapeutic or non smoking aids medication. However, in order to prevent the abuse of prescription drugs, to limit the non smoking treatment support up to two times a year, lifetime support number is a plan to consider the future. Non smoking is a non smoking treatment through the consultation Shan fix the case of non smoking participants to be prescribed (varenicline) (per 12 weeks) 368 900 out of the won of treatment costs, support from health insurance to 218,400 won It may be in person burden only 150,500 won by receiving.

Participants specifically non smoking receives doctor, herbalist, nicotine addiction evaluation from the dentist, the consultation in order to maintain a non smoking, such as smoking desire management.

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Erectile dysfunction and vascular disease prevention

[Dr. Beni 88 365] erectile dysfunction and vascular disease prevention

Erection of the man, is a phenomenon in which blood is filled with blood vessels in the penis. Not the muscles and ligaments of the penis becomes larger when it comes to sexually excited. Though it may be to think phenomenon that balloon is larger and put filled with water balloons. The penis, there is a sponge body that small vessels are gathered. Here it is hard to become as large as possible sex and blood is full.

If blood is erectile dysfunction that has not been properly erection is to be met fully occurs. Cause of erectile dysfunction are diverse. Typical of in the blood is one that is not fully satisfied in the corpus cavernosum of the penis.

Passage us to supply blood to the corpus cavernosum of the penis degree very small that the diameter in penile artery only 1~2mm. Accordingly, the sticky or blood, erection forces blood has not been entered correctly into the corpus cavernosum and the vessels of the function will decrease slightly decreases.

If a high blood pressure occurs, the function of the blood vessel is weak, if you have the obesity and diabetes, blood occurs turbidity erectile dysfunction. Human arteries, is the most large vessels. Therefore, or weakened the ability of blood vessels, the initial blood even turbidity can not recognize. However, penile artery blood vessel is small, I will as soon understand. This symptom appears immediately erectile dysfunction.

If erectile dysfunction problem occurs in the blood vessels that occurs in sustained, it can also be such as clogged blood vessels to the heart and brain after. This is a red signal hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, the health, such as arteriosclerosis are being carried out is immediately cardiovascular disease. When erectile dysfunction occurs, it’s why you must first check the disease, such as described above.

best treatment method is aerobic exercise when erectile dysfunction occurs. Continuous aerobic exercise not only prevent the vascular disease is also the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

There is another way Uronun antioxidants. Antioxidants, by removing active oxygen, not only to clean the vessel and to remove the body of harmful substances, sometimes to prevent various diseases and cancer. Recently, it can be treated immediately been much developed antioxidant component to be injected directly into the blood vessel.

Injection of anti-oxidant, erectile dysfunction also treated, there is an effect of killing two birds with one stone to protect also to health.

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Divided into South Korea living in Mongolia Russia of patient care

H Hinata hospital, clinic divided into South Korea living in Mongolia Russia of patient

H plus (H) Hinata hospital two days, revealed three days and was to expand the activities of in conjunction with the H plus Hinata hospital Mongolia, mutual clinics share Russia Town in Naka-ku Gwanghui-dong Sanrimu children’s park in Seoul. This time of the share each other internal medicine in the medical activities, in which neurosurgery, orthopedics, medical staff 10 people over major medical subject areas, such as obstetrics and gynecology took part, was medical 300 people Russia and native Mongolia patients living in South Korea .

On this day in Sanrimu children’s park that medical activities spread share is, Kazakhstan not only patients Mongolia and the Russian regions to live in South Korea, Uzbekistan, also Central Asian origin of the patient, such as Kyrgyzstan has received medical care. Especially medical staff of the hospital, not only simple test for these patients, live ultrasound, until the field is difficult to easily visit and have to find a hospital, such as blood tests and physical therapy to provide medical care in Korea Foreign We got a great response me planting the image of Kind Korea from the people.

Kimusan’iru hospital director said, foreign patients has been deployed to share each other medical service activities in order to prepare the soil that can receive a convenient medical care, future, China, free medical activities for overseas patients, such as Southeast Asia It was in the clear and the plans to expand promotion .

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Men Happy drag of (Happy drug), testosterone

[Dr. Beni 88 365] Men Happy drag of (Happy drug), testosterone

Testosterone is not only the hypothalamus of the brain associated with sexual function, even in the periphery plays a key role in the regulation of male erectile function.

Testosterone, which regulates the production of nitrogen oxide to an important role in the initiation and maintenance of erection (nitric oxide). Moreover, to improve blood flow in the corpora cavernosa, thereby maintaining the proper function of the oral erectile dysfunction therapeutic agent at a PDE5 blockers (such as Viagra). If you lack, therefore, it is a sexual dysfunction.

Testosterone (testosterone) is a male hormone will be naturally reduced by each year before and after the late 30s. When it comes to 40 to 50 generations testicular functions are weakened, testosterone is further reduced. As a result, the acquired hypogonadism that more of the symptoms occur (LOH: Late Onset Hypogonadism) or male hormone deficiency syndrome (testosterone deficiency syndrome) that.

Once in the menopause and symmetrical meaning of women acquired hypogonadism, was name to male menopause (andropause, male menopause). However, men as women, fertility is not suspended in the wake of menopause. Onset of symptoms also by individuals are many, there is a case that testosterone decreases in men of 20 to 30 generations, it is no longer rarely used.

Or function of the male testes is weakening, I feel the fatigue accompanied by a sense of helplessness due to a decrease in muscle mass and strength when testosterone comes to decrease in other causes. The decrease in libido, decrease in erection force, reduction of ejaculate volume, sexual dysfunction, such as reduction of pleasure at the time of ejaculation, are displayed first

Acquired hypogonadism, since it is also vague to distinguish the normal aging processes, recently, it has been defined in a syndrome characterized by the following seven conditions.

1) decreased libido, erectile dysfunction (frequency quality), especially at night of erectile dysfunction

2) intellectual activity, cognitive function, reduction of space disorientation, fatigue, depression, mood with irritation change

3) sleep disorders

4) it is associated with a decrease in muscle mass and strength, reduction in body fat

5) Increase in visceral fat

6) reduction of body hair and skin changes

7) decrease in bone density

Diagnosis of acquired hypogonadism (LOH), after sufficient troops listening and appropriate interview, if the symptoms, such as described above appeared, blood was collected total testosterone (total testosterone), glass testosterone ( We want to test a number of free testosterone).

When scanning, usually often inspecting only the total testosterone, they may occasionally numerical test is properly displayed, it is possible committing errors. Therefore, it is necessary to glass testosterone Lulu parallel test can be more accurately diagnosed.

Result of the test, the total testosterone or less than 240ng / dL, when the glass testosterone is below 50pg / mL, is required testosterone replacement therapy has been established in the acquired hypogonadism.

Result of the test, or appear symptoms associated with testosterone deficiency when the total testosterone 241~346ng / dL or glass testosterone is 51~72pg / mL, when it is generated by the following age 40s, the treatment of the subject and it is.

However, even if the symptoms, total testosterone or at 346ng / dL or more, if the glass testosterone is 72pg / mL or more, not require replacement therapy for testosterone. If ambiguous re-examination and SHBG between the lower limit value testosterone value is normal, it is necessary to be a secondary inspection, including luteinizing hormone and prolactin.

In LOH patients with erectile dysfunction, which can not react with hormone replacement therapy alone. In this case it is possible to see the effect when the additional use of a PDE5 blockers. Patients of erectile dysfunction which do not react similarly to the PDE5 blocker, may involve their testosterone hyperlipidemia, in this case, replacement therapy is useful. Also, when accompanied by anxiety for performing sexual activity, trazodone used is an anti-anxiety agents are also recommended.

Oral testosterone is not soluble in water, are restrictions on the absorption many, prescribe a lot of non-oral drug, such as for a main injection and transdermal is a disadvantage that is rapidly metabolized in the liver.

Although many people might have hesitated for a sense of anxiety for cancer for hormone therapy, testosterone, can be safely administered after some tests. Prostate cancer and breast cancer patients, severe polycythemia, sleep apnea that is not treated, severe heart failure, it is not administered if there is dysuria in the lower urinary tract closures and benign prostatic hyperplasia. However, when it is dysuria treatment can be administered.

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Osteoarthritis drugs is no Shinobi European CE certification

LG Life Sciences, no Shinobi osteoarthritis drugs European CE certification

Europe more than 30 countries of the possible export, three doses equivalent to therapeutic effect in a single dose

LG Life Sciences, the knob Shinobi osteoarthritis treatment agent, and the 20th was certified to European quality standards (CE) revealed. This company, based on the basis of various clinical results and safety, we have acquired the current authentication, was supposed to be export

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The next generation hepatitis treatment agent license to Everyone constraints

LG Life Sciences, Everyone constraints next generation hepatitis therapy agent license

LG Life Sciences Everyone constraints, which is the next generation of hepatitis B therapeutic agent for the 4th and have entered into a licensing agreement of Shi-hi Words, revealed. LG It is a state that frozen currently completed until late-stage clinical Phase II study of life science Betsy costs was developed with its own technology. In this partnership, the third phase test procedures and item permission of the product, production, and sale is was supposed to be Everyone constraint is responsible. By dropping frozen hepatitis B virus of city costs the functions of the replication enzyme of gene which is used to grow, it can suppress the activity of the virus. Issue even therapeutic effect on hepatitis B virus resistant to existing therapeutic agents, no renal toxicity side effects.

LG Life Sciences has revealed the early commercialization of new hepatitis B treatment agent is expected.

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